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Bicyclists know that no matter where you ride there is always the possibility of danger. Danger from vehicles is especially one of the most concerning. Anything that a bicyclist can do to have proper safety gear should be done and that is exactly what bike reflective ankle tape is for. E-bikes are in particular danger when it comes to vehicles even more so than traditional bicyclists and that is because many e-bikes feature a throttle ability which means that a bicyclist can suddenly and swiftly accelerate in ways that car drivers do not expect or anticipate.

As every bicyclist knows, a driver who is not aware of you or does not anticipate you is a driver who may accidentally pose a hazard. A great safety feature is reflective tape. This reflective tape can go over nearly every article of clothing on arms, legs, or anywhere else and help provide a clear and reflective surface for light to bounce off of so that drivers can see you clearly even in low visibility conditions. Strapped on by strong Velcro bands, the heavy duty reflective tape is a fantastic safety mechanism for ebike bikers and traditional bicyclists alike. This tape is a must have accessory for individuals who enjoy riding at night. “Sponsored by Ness Electric Bikes”


Brand Name: DUUTI
Model Number: Bicycle Pant Clips Straps

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