Bicycle Rubber Soft Handlebar Anti-Skid Comfortable Handlebars Grips eBike


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Bikers are a passionate breed and none more so than those who engage in mountain biking with their electric bicycles. As mountain bikers know, climate and conditions in the mountains can be unpredictable and so being able to be ready for any condition that the mountains or your ride can throw it you is an essential part of both enjoying your hobby and your passion as well as employing safety. This is why you should get bicycle rubber soft handlebar grips. These handlebar grips are flawlessly designed to provide not only exceptional comfort but they were also made to help improve safety as well with their anti-skid design.

As any serious bicyclist knows, whether you use e-bikes or traditional mountain bikes, your handlebars can sometimes become rough, abrasive, and uncomfortable for your hand. Whether it’s the constant rubbing which can cause blisters, hand fatigue, or potentially getting wet and becoming slippery, it can be a problem. No matter what the cause is, the anti-skid comfortable handlebar grips designed for mountain ebikes handlebars are an exceptional electric bicycle accessory.

Hand fatigue, especially on long rides, can become potentially a serious issue especially for individuals riding electric mountain bikes which can take them further and deeper on the trails than they have ever been before. Although your legs may not be getting as big of a workout, your hands certainly will be. The comfortable rubber grip helps to lower that hand fatigue as well as ensuring that no matter whether it is dust, rain, sweat, or any other number of potential elements that may come between you and your handlebar, the grip will remain comfortable and yet firm for the whole ride. “Sponsored by Ness Electric Bikes”

Material: Alluminium Alloy+Rubber
Width(cm): 2.2cm
Length (cm): 13cm
Brand Name: cycle zone

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