Bicycle Smart Wireless Bluetooth Cadence Sensor Waterproof




Bicycle Smart Wireless Bluetooth Cadence Sensor Waterproof

People who are serious about improving their biking whether they ride e-bikes or traditional bikes certainly know the importance of having a good cadence with every pedal stroke. Cadence is important especially on long endurance races or during ones where distance is important over speed. Finding a good cadence sensor then is an important part of improving your overall biking experience and this is why Cycplus Cadence Sensor C2 is an excellent product for those seeking to improve their overall cadence and know how well they are performing whether on an ebike or traditional bike.

Having a high-performing ride augmented by high-performing sensors is important and the Cadence Sensor C2 has an operating battery life of 300 hours ensuring that no matter how long your race is you will be able to gather important biking data. In addition to this, the C2  sensor itself is packed securely away in a waterproof black container and the information is sent wirelessly with Wi-Fi. This means that simply by using Bluetooth you’ll be able to access the information in your sensor without ever having to actually take it out of its safe and secure waterproof casing. So whether you ride ebikes or you are a traditional bicyclist or you’re simply looking to improve your cadence for those long-distance rides, you should certainly consider getting the Cycplus Cadence Sensor C2 for all your ebike needs. “Sponsored by Ness Electric Bikes”

Model Number: Speed Cadence Sensor
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