Fat Tire Bike Carbon 29er by 90mm Rims (set of 2)

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°Fat Tire Bike Carbon 29er Rims, 32H, Ultra-Light at 580 GMS Xtreme Fat Tire Bike Rims, Holds Two World Mountain Cycling World Records. Tubeless ready. (Matte Black or Glossy Finish)

°Rim: Tubeless Ready

°Rim Spoke Holds: 32H

Rim size: 29er by 90mm wide

Valve; Presta

°Weight: 580 grams


This 29er carbon fiber rim set (2 rims) with its tubeless ready system is the only rim (carbon at least) that you will ever want to use on your fat bike again. Currently, you only have a choice of a 3° wide tire tread system on our 90mm wide rim, but come mid-2015 we will have a tire under 1,000 Gms with a 4.52 tread system and a low wall effect. This will give you the best of both worlds, fully inflated, faster, lighter and better acceleration. Drop the pressure and you´ve got that wide fast rim you need for your soft terrains.

We have completely redesigned and patented the carbon fat bike rim by using a single wall rim, which no one else has ever done. Then, adding 4mm + beams or ribs for strength where it´s needed in the side walls and across the rim where your spokes go. We have made the lightest, strongest fat bike (really the only 29er fat bike carbon rims) 29er rims in the world.


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