Scout V7 400 Watt (Peak Power 500 Watts) 24 Amp Hour E-Tek Electric Bikes


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Scout V7 400W / 48V 24Ah, (500w Peak Power), has a powerful 400w motor and full disc brakes that will give you the boost and safety you need to get yourself anywhere. The 48V 24Ah lithium battery will take you 50 miles or more on one charge. The Scout V7 comes with a 4.2” LCD Display, Super bright LED lights (low/high beam), turn signals, electric horn, wheel locking alarm, mudguards, cargo box included and two-seater upgrade available. The Scout V7 is one of a kind due to its working pedal which allows customers full access to sidewalks without fear of being ticketed. Take a safe and stress-free ride with your Scout V7 down the Beach sidewalks or the bike lane.

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Grey, Red, White



    • Fork: Steel 1 1/8 Threadless Suspension Fork with 80mm travel.
    • Frame: Steel, with front emblem (Alloy) and bottom tube bike label.
    • Headset: (Black) 1 1/8 Threadless (Matte Black), Sealed Bearings, Alloy Shell.
    • Handlebars: (Matte Black Textured) Alloy, with 35mm Rise.
    • Grips: Ergonomic Grips standard
    • Stem: 1 1/8 Alloy, 90mm Length.
    • Full Suspension: Rear Suspension DMN Alloy Pivot Shock.


    • Brakes/Levers: Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front/Rear 180mm Rotors.


    • Rim: 16” x 2.5” Alloy
    • Front Hubs:  High Quality, Sealed Bearings.
      Rear Hub:  Bafang Brushless Motor Hub with Alloy Sealed Bearings 400 Watt, (500w Peak Power), and 2-Speed Cassette.
    • Tire: 16” by 2.5”, High-Density Rubber for Puncture Resistance.
      Optional Kevlar Liner between Tire and Tube for almost “No-Flat” Scenario.
    • Tubes: 16” x 4” Schrader Valve.


    • Crank Set: (Matte Black) Alloy Belt, Alloy Crank with 175mm Arm,
    • Chain: Belt Carbon
    • BB Set: Steel Shell, SS Sealed Bearings, 122mm Shell Width.
    • Shifter: Shimano.
    • Seat: Scouter Type with Optional Rear Seat and Luggage Box.


    • Rear Wheel Motor: 400 Watt Motor, (500w Peak Power), 48 Volt, 24 Amp Battery
      (Wattage is calculated by Volts x Amps= 48 Volts x 15 Amps = 700 Watts Max)
    • Throttle: Handlebar Mounted Thumb Throttle.
    • Display Pad: Handlebar Mounted Digital Display with 3 Levels of Power: Low-Medium-High.
    • Control Unit: Bafang Controller
    • Battery: Sealed Poly Casing, Lithium-Ion Technology with High-Density SONY® or Panasonic® Cells with 1,000 Cycles.
    • Battery Duration: 24 Amp Hours.
    • Charger: Long-Lasting 3 Amp Charger, Charge Time 4 Hours. (Use of a Quick Charge Charger is Proven to Shorten Battery Life.)
    • Optional Solar Panel (Additional): This comes with its own storage bag (15″ x 16″ x 1″) and fits on any saddlebag measuring about the size of a laptop. The dimensions of the fold-out solar panel completely unfolded is 33″ x 43″. This output of the Fold-Out Solar Panel has been calculated both with measuring devices as well as testing in various real-life scenarios. The Fold Out Solar Panels produces between 1.5 Amps per hour to a max of 2.76 Amps per Hour. Testing in 60 Degree F temperatures on a sunny day in Hilton Head, SC fully charged the battery in about 5 hours. A test in colder temperatures on a cloudy day in Bend, OR took about 7 hours to fully charge the battery. We also found that the solar panel charged a cell phone at the same time in less than an hour. This makes this a great accessory to have on any Electric Bike with a Rear Rack and Saddle Bag or Backpack.


    • Medium One Size
    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 395 lbs


    • Weight and Packing: 85% complete.
    • Weight: 100 lbs.


    • Speed: Non-Pedaling Assist Maximum Speed 23-26 MPH.* Maximum Speed 26 MPH, tested
      and proven with 210 lb man.
    • Maximum Torque: 60 NM
    • Distance: Non-Pedaling Distance Approximately 50 Miles at Steady Full Speed*

Distance: Non-Pedaling Distance Approximately 50+ Miles at Steady Full Speed*

* Please Note:
These are averages as terrain, incline and weight of rider are factors that can obviously impact these figures. Other manufacturers test their speed and distance on a bike stand with no friction, no weight which greatly impact results. Our figures are tested with a 200 lb. person on the bike in real-time in real terrain.

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Electronics; Two Years on Frame and Fork.

400W48V 24Ah lithium batterySteel
Front & rear hydraulicDisc brake16 x 2.5 inch
ChainTransmissionMax Load
SteelTwo speed mode330 lb
50-70 mi

4.2″ TN LCD Display

Black / Grey / Redfront & rear, included
  • Original charger included in the box
  • Some Assembly Required

Diagram & Assembly Instructions