Xtreme Fat Tire E-Bikes with Shimano Internal Hub (Built in USA to order) – Blue. Was ̶$̶1̶9̶9̶5̶; Now:

1250 Watt Electric Bikes; Discontinued Colors. Same One Year Warranty on E-Components. Two Year Warranty on Frame and Fork.

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This is the ultimate 1250 watt Fat Tire Electric Bicycle and the only one of its kind, as you know most E-Bikes are either rear wheel drive or center drive rear system. This puts all torque on the rear and as anyone ever going into the soft terrain like sand, snow, mud or over obstacles like curbs, stairs, they would know front wheel drive torque does it better. So that´s what we did! With the motor in the front, you can go through almost, if not anything. Also, with rear torque system at top speed when you attempt to turn you easily could dig the wheel in and cause a situation no one wants to be in. With ours, you just power through those turns. Last, you just add a little pedaling and you have an all-wheel drive bike and this will go through and over it all. (Bike rack and Gear Holder Not Included)

This bike is especially good for loose terrain like sand, gravel or woods as it has an internal HUB which allows no debris in to the gear cassette as it only has one sprocket with all gears inside the HUB.

Available NOW! Extreme Fat Tire Bikes are producing some of the best fat tire all terrain bikes available in the world. Using their expertise in bicycle design, production and manufacturing these Fat Tire Bikes will be the most innovative ever sold!

Rear HUB options and prices:

Option 1)  3 Speed Nexus Coaster Rear Brake with Front Disc only: $1295.00

Option 2) 3 Speed Nexus Center Lock Disc, Front and Rear Disc Brakes. 180 mm Rotor: $1395.00

Option 3) 8 Speed Alfine Internal HUB, with Front and Rear 180mm Rotors and Disc $1495.00


°Fork:  Steel 1 1/8 Thread less

°Frame: Alloy AI6061, (Black, Green, Blue, White)

°Headset: (Black) 1 1/8 thread less, Sealed Bearings, Alloy Shell.

°Handlebars: (Matte Black textured) Alloy 31.8mm Center Clamp, 700 mm Length, with 35mm Rise.

°Stem: 1 1/8 Alloy with 31.8 mm Clamp, 90 mm Length


°Brakes/Levers Avid BB5 Disc Brakes Front/Rear 180mm Rotors. ($1295 has Rear Coaster Brake Internal HUB)

Rims and Wheel Sets:

°Rim: With Cutouts, Ultra-Light Single Wall Alloy, Welded Seam, 36H.

°Front HUB: Alloy Motor HUB, 1250 Watt 48V

°Rear HUB:  Shimans Internal HUB options 1) 3speed Nexus with Coaster 2) 3speed Center Lock Disc 3) 8 Speed Alfine Center Lock Disc

°Tire: 26″ by 5″, “THE WIDEST TIRE MADE”, High Density Rubber for Puncture Resistance.

°Tubes: 4″ x 26″ Schrader Valve.

It´s all about the tire! Our patented fat tire design with a center bead allows the Fat Tire A/T Bike to be ridden comfortably on the street and harder surfaces; while the unique textured knobbies and tread provide better traction on softer terrains. Because of these feature our bikes double as mountain bikes and can be ridden in the snow, on dirt trails, mountains and all terrains. Plus the fat tire acts like a shock absorber, so bumps and jumps are more comfortable and fun!


°Crank Set: (Matte Black) Alloy 38T Chain Ring, Alloy Crank with 175mm Arm.

°Chain: KMC Rust Buster.

°BB Set: Steel Shell, SS Sealed Bearings, 100mm Shell Width.

°Shifter: SHIMANO 3 Speed or 8 Speed

°Seat post: (Matte Black) Alloy 27.2 mm, 350mm Length


°Front Wheel HUB Motor: 1250 Watt, 48V, Wattage is calculated by Volts x Amps= 48V times 26 Amps= 1248 Watts. Brushless HUB with Alloy sealed shell

°Throttle: Handle Bar Mount

°Control Pad: Handle Bar Mount with Three Levels Low/Med/High

°Control Unit: Rear Seat Post Mount 26 AMP

°Speed: 48V gets about 22 MPH.

°Warranty:  One Year Manufacturer Warranty on electronic 2 year on frame and fork

°Battery: 11.8 Amp Battery Sealed, Water Proof Poly Casing withHandle, Lithium Ion Technology with High Density Sony Cells, 600 Cycles.

°Battery Duration:  About 12 Amp Hours. 30 miles travel distance to the charge.

°Charger: Long lasting 3A Chargers. Charge time 4 hours. (Use of a Quick Charge Charger are proven to shorten the battery life)

 Weight and Packing

°Packing: 85% Complete

°Weight: 51 lbs.

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Black, Blue, Green, White

Hub Options

Option 1, Option 2, Option 3


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